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I am working on a custom plugin that import posts from external website.

I use following code to create a post in QA platform with data retrieved from external website.

qa_post_create('Q', null, $title, $content, $format = '', $categoryid, $tags, $userid, $notify = null, $email = null, $extravalue = null, $name = null);

I get $title, $content, and $tags successfully from external website using simple HTML DOM parser. And I use strip_tags() function to remove html tags and keep only text.

Everything is well. the qa_post_create() function creates post. However, in content of just created post there are non-utf-8 characters such as 

ý (ý)
Ç (Ç)

Actually, in $title there are also some characters such as (ý), but it appears normal, not as ý. It happens only in content of question.

When I just retrieve the data and print it with echo() or print_r() functions the text appear normal without any irregular symbols. These symbols appear only when I use qa_post_create() function to create question.

Also, when I change format from '' to 'html' in qa_post_create() function, it resolves. But I do not want to use format='html'. Is there any other way to fix it? 

Q2A version: q2a 1.7.5 customized

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Everything would be clearer if you query the database and show exactly what you're storing. You are saying that what you see in the browser is X and you're assuming you're storing X while, in practice, it doesn't really have to be that way. For example a bold text is actually stored in the database as <strong>text</strong>.

The DOM parser is most likely getting the HTML content HTML encoded (e.g.: é becomes &eacute;). You just need to de-HTML the content. Check this function:

Just run it for the fields that are HTML encoded before inserting them in the database.

Yes DOM gets html content, however, I use strip_tags() function to remove html tags. But the above problem occurs.

I have not tried html decode function, let me try if it works.
I assumed you were removing the tags. However, you will also need to convert the HTML that's left into plain text. I think with those 2 steps you should be fine to store it in plain text. Also, don't miss the first sentence of the answer :)
@pupi1985 many thanks html_​entity_​decode() function fixed my issue.
before fixing the content in database looked like this. http://i.hizliresim.com/DDg8Bm.png