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How do you turn off the ability to vote without viewing the question?

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There isn't currently an admin option for this. So probably the easiest and most future-proof way is with an advanced HTML theme: http://www.question2answer.org/advanced.php#theme-advanced

You could override the vote_buttons(...) function so that it only outputs the buttons if you're viewing a question page. Code would be something like:


    class qa_html_theme extends qa_html_theme_base
        function vote_buttons($post)
            if ($this->template=='question')

... but I haven't tested it. It will remove voting buttons (but not vote count display) from any page which isn't a question page.
Thank you gidgreen, that worked out perfectly! Do you have a paypal donation link setup because I would like to send you some donations for the outstanding work and support you are doing on q2a
Kind of you to offer, but there's really no need - it's my pleasure.
If you want the voting options to still show after someone has voted, the condition needs to be:

if ($this->template=='question' || $this->template=='voting')
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I think gidgreen's solution is gonna be the best way, but as promised here's what I did:

1. Change the signature of the voting function to this:
        function voting($post,$arrows=true)

2. Change the call to voting_inner_html in the voting function:

3. Change voting_inner_html to this:
        function voting_inner_html($post,$arrows=true)
                if ($arrows)

4. In the q_item_stats function, change the call to the voting function: