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Since my Q2A site has a lot of customisation, it wasn't easy to change the default theme. But finally we changed the desktop theme to Muffin and Mobile theme to Aven. And result is awesome.

1. Most users are very happy with the themes. Especially dark mode in muffin. Ofcourse not everyone is happy with a change and for them we do have the user specific theme to go back.

2. It improved the traffic from Google search by about 10%

Thank you Chun  for the awesome themes to Q2A.
Q2A version: 1.8
Thanks a lot for the feedback @GATEOverflow . I really appreciate it =)
You are welcome :) Hope to see more nice contributions to Q2A.
I was contacted to work on a plugin. When a saw the site I had to check it was really a Q2A site. Once I confirmed it, I realized it was your work (with a few customizations). You managed to fool me :) Keep it up! (the great work, not the fooling, although they're clearly related!)
I found a small 'problem' with muffin dark theme. When reload a page, it goes "white" first, them become black - it causes something like a flash, that is very unconfortable for eyes.

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