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A new challenger approaches...
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a coffee?! Nevermind, it's just Frapuchino.


A new Material Design, shape shifting theme.

Pre-purchase now and get a 20% discount.
only available until its release.

Note: The theme is still in development, and it's not in its final form.

Desktop version: in development - 96%
Mobile version: in development - 75%
RTL version: in development - 50%

Online demo - Frapuchino Live
Pre-order - Get Frapuchino


Click on images to see full-size.

 Screenshot #2

Screenshot #3

Screenshot #4

Oh wow, the design scheme is very similar to both of my themes. Thank you @berzan .
There's already a plugin that adds an extra page to User profiles and shows a more in-depth user activity. I guess i could implement ready-styles for that plugin within the theme, like I did for Badges and On-site-notification plugins.
Wow this is great. I appreciate you for awesome job and I have some suggestion.

Right section need to some edit, I mean widget section. Because Welcome widget doesn't seem gentle.

But others are good enough.

Waiting for releasing

And one more thing: Please make it dollar euro is not universal and suitable I guess for most users
Thanks a lot @Bymemor :) Yeah the right sidebar hasn't been worked on yet, only the Activity widget so far.
There's now a couple of Mobile Screenshots available @Codedz

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Desktop version is now in Live Testing Phase and adding the final touches and rearrangements.

The Sticky Floating Votes it's an experiment. Not sure if they will make it to official release because they might turn things a little bit confusing when it comes to voting. Testing it out for now, let me know your thoughts on it.

Pre-purchase today and get a discount
Live Demo 

Feel free to report any bugs and leave some feedback. 

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Very nice this theme....

Please give me this theme

please!!! please!!! please!!!!
Thanks a lot @Md.Ashraf . Well, this is a premium theme, but if I ever think about giving away a copy in a sort of raffle or something like that in the future, I'll let you know.
Thanks for inspiring the idea ;)
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How many cost?

Where i can see a pic on cell phone

Does it work for all plugins?
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Hey there @Monkey . The theme is still in development overall. The cellphone version and the RTL version are still in queue to be developed, so there's no screenshots from it yet. The theme has minimal core changes, that way it'll run flawlessly without any major theme updates necessary for a long run. The price will be available soon on the theme's landing page.
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Live Demo now available!

Online demo - Frapuchino Live
Pre-order - Get Frapuchino

In regards the mobile version, The theme was supposed to get the necessary handlers to be mobile ready all in one theme, but after a bit of thought, I've decided I'll be creating a whole new theme that only handles the mobile version.

After all not everyone has good internet connection, or a fast cellphone, so things will be as minimal as possible but of course following the main desktop theme standards.

The official release date was supposed to be around October 27, but it might take a little longer than that.

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Mobile version is being cooked!
in development - 75%

Cellphone Screenshot #1

Cellphone Screenshot #2

Cellphone Screenshot #3

Cellphone Screenshot #4