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Version 1.3 - Latest

Mobile X is back to the Shop!
Now you can purchase Mobile X as an individual theme and not part of a package.

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Demo Page - mobilex.unaux.com 
Purchase - Purchase Mobile X

(visit via cell phone for a better experience)

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Version 1.3

  • Now theme highlights questions based on your Favorite Tags, with a darker grey background. (See Screenshot)
  • Favorited questions have a yellow bar indicator on the left.
  • Comments' Edit History better UI. (See Screenshot)
  • Small bug fixes.
  • And lots of other little tweaks and feature improvements were made.

 Purchase Mobile X

For those who acquired Mobile X before, please check your mail and spam boxes. A copy of the theme has been sent for you.

Is this a replacement for Aven theme?
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No no. So this theme used to be part of both Aven and Frapuchino package.
Instead of extending their mobile designs, I created a separate mobile dedicated theme, which was more agile and a lighter solution for mobile devices.

But few people preferred to have a mobile theme that would look more like their Desktop designs, even if this meant having a heavier mobile theme.

As this was intentionally a cleaned up, colorless theme (https://web.dev/lcp/) , I couldn't also pull to one side or another to look more like one theme. Because at the end this was part of both themes packages.

So I decided to extend Aven and Frapuchino mobile designs
Aven update - (https://www.question2answer.org/qa/81962/?show=83313#a83313)
Frapuchino update - (https://www.question2answer.org/qa/79492/?show=83312#a83312)
And made this theme a completely separated product of its own, which is called now Mobile X.

People who've purchased Aven and Frapuchino while Mobile X was still part of the package deal (before this separation update occurred, May, 1st 2020) will still get future updates, as they bought the theme when it was still part of a package deal.
Thank you :) So if we dont have special requirements do you suggest this theme as the default mobile theme?

Also can you please fix this issue? https://www.question2answer.org/qa/81962/new-theme-aven-theme-current-v1-42?show=86608#c86608

When a large URL is added on mobile with Aven theme, it becomes impossible to submit as the editor size gets widened
Oh yeah, definitely, as this is a mobile dedicated theme. It's supposed to run lighter and take less resources to load. So you can still access your website when you have low cell phone data or slow internet connections.

The others are more Desktop oriented, but they'll still perform well as they are now mobile friendly.

Thanks for noticing. I'll check on that.
Thank you. That's very useful ☺️
This theme is quite nice. But compared to typical mobile themes the font size is quite small. Is there any reason for this?
Live demo link is not working.
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can you fix the lcp score?