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Hello, can you put here the best free plugins that you find good for Q&A sites, because the ones that are available and still working are not put together in one place.

Note: we can create another question later for paid plugins.

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These are the ones I'm using so far:

Thank you very much for your great post
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This is a set of plugins that I find good in addition to what was mentioned:

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Registration Blocker is a great plugin, as it hides the registration form in order to discourage spam and prevent automated scripts from signing up. It does so by adding a CAPTCHA before any form field can be filled out on the registration page. You can configure Registration Blocker's settings according to your needs, such as changing the length of test or turning off sound confirmation for each inputted answer. I would advise you to have this installed if you are running a Q&A site with many open registrations.
Registration Blocker
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