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Good morning, good afternoon or good night, good esotu with a problem in the SCEDITOR plugin, I installed it perfectly, no problem, but it doesn't appear when asking a question on the site, it's like I was the basic editor, I've already changed the settings in the publishing part and it still doesn't appear, can anyone tell me what it could be?

Note: the website theme was created by myself, do I need to add some function to the theme?

Q2A version: 1.8.6
closed with the note: Theme issue
3 - Absolutely sure
4 - I'm not using the SnowFla theme, I'm using a responsive size that I developed myself
5 - I'm not getting any error in the web server logs
6 - I'm not getting any error in the web browser console
4. OK, but the idea was to check if it works with SnowFlat. If it does, I think it'd be fair to narrow the issue to your theme :)
I understand my friend, but I don't want to use SnowFlat, it's a very done and heavy theme, so I prefer to use my own theme which is very fast and I'll continue using the WYSIWYG Editor, but anyway thank you very much for your attention my friend ;)
Hi friends, I'm stopping by to inform you that I managed to solve the problem with the SCADITOR plugin on my website, now it's working perfectly after some adjustments in the qa-theme.php file

Thanks for trying to help, soon I will release my Responsive theme here for you too!