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The point of this post is to find out which paid plugins have been created and not posted here.

Ask everyone who owns a paid plugin to list their features here and ask their price, maybe it's what we're looking for so we buy it
Curious to know why?
To see if it is suitable for us to buy it!
Sorry. That's not what I meant. I was asking if plugins are made why won't they be deployed somewhere
@GATE Because it has been done exclusively for those who request it only

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Here is my paid item

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Get a Mobile Application for your Q2A that is fast, stable, secur!

Features section:

Q2A Flutter App is a affordable mobile application that will make your business glow. It is the simplest way to boost your Q2A marketing.

Fast and sleek interface

The sleek interface ensures that you can have an immersive experience on the go. 

Mobile Monitization made easy

We know how important mobile monitization is these days infact Mobile ad network pays more then double as compare to web ad networks, which is why we make sure that our app works well on all devices. So no matter what kind of device you have, our app will work great!

It's a great app
I've tried it, it's responsive, fast and very efficient
But it lacks a lot of extras
I think if more tools are added to it, I will buy the full version of it
Thank you yes i am planning to release caregories , subscription/vip users the hashtags work by just like twitter , you can write in content #hastag
The application in its original form is wonderful
But of course you need to add notifications, messages, and many more things.
I will continue to follow the latest updates to purchase a copy.
I think the price is too high, I wish you could reduce the cost so that everyone could buy a copy.