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OK, so I received an email from Facebook: 

Dear Developer,

As part of our continued efforts to migrate all apps to OAuth 2.0, we opted in all apps using the new JavaScript SDK to OAuth 2.0 this afternoon at 11am PT and reverted at 1:30pm because we noticed that your app has not migrated. Please ensure that you have set the oauth param in FB.init to true and that you are using FB.getAuthResponse to obtain the access token.

Read more in the OAuth2 migration announcement, updates to the new JS SDK blog post, or our JS SDK docs.

If your app was affected today, please ensure that you have made these changes by December 13th, 2012 to avoid any disruption with your users.

Facebook Developer Relations
Does this imply that QA Facebook plugin is not yet Oauth 2.0 compatible?  I look at the source code and it looks true. Is there an update to this plugin? Take note that Facebook is imposing some deadline, not sure if QA Facebook login would work after that date. Please advise. Thanks.
Q2A version: 1.4.3
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Same problem here with v 1.3.

fb developers link:


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Version 1.5 beta 1 of Q2A (shortly to be released) uses the new oAuth 2.0 authentication for the Facebook API. The new Facebook Login plugin can also be installed in older versions of Q2A.
Thank You, I thought it could be the php version as other users do not have the same issue. I will see if I can get an update on the actual php version.
PHP version is 4.4.9.  This only for the fb plugin or will I have other issues with the script ?
Ok I could change the php version to 5.2.17 i think.
But now there is a new problem with missing sdk when logged in without facebook. But better I amke a new question so others can find it.
I believe the only think in Q2A that requires PHP 5 is the Facebook login plugin. In the second beta of Q2A 1.5 I'll make an explicit check for PHP 5, and the Facebook plugin will be disabled for earlier versions.
Thanks for the update. Will be rolling this update soon in the site. Cheers.