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I have updated to 1.5 today everything works fine and no issue. But I have noticed in my site there is no My Account link on the header after user name and also there is no 'Hello' text before user name.

Is it default or I need to active from admin panel?
Q2A version: 1.5
Same here. wait for some answers. Thanks.
Can either of you please post a link? Thanks.
@pixelngrain - it looks like you're integrating with an external user base, so there will not be a 'My Account' link, since Q2A does not manage user accounts. Perhaps you had this added previously via some customization?
Yes I have integrated with Wordpress and using single sign on for phpbb board. User database control by phpbb board.

Most user are already there before installed Q2A and may be that could be the reason.

Anyways thanks a lot for your reply and if there is any solution to display My Account even integrated with other package please let me know.
You could do it with an advanced theme, adding in the link where appropriate.
Actually that's in my knowledge but I was looking for any dynamic solution. but anyways thanks again for your help. It helped to solve my all confusion.

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