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Q2A Market announce the first Elegant Responsive Theme is releasted by Q2A Market today. Theme released with responsive layout and supports almost all major devices and browser.

Elegant Responsive Theme by Q2A Market

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Version 1.1 Request

Hi I am now going to update version for Elegant Responsive Theme 1.1

I have already recieved many feature request for this version but please post yours so can point to my list.

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Nice looking theme.… good job!

Thanks  a lot...! :)
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I just bought your theme is very well done;) by account I have a problem when I want to display a logo images (Show a logo image in the page header) it shows me the HTML crude the header
Can you help me please thank you :)
@JulieG, First Thanks a lot for your appreciation.
Have you added image logo? Please give your site URL and also please theme related issue I would snuggest you to please login and post issue here http://www.q2amarket.com/forums/forum/theme-support/elegant-responsive/ This will helps to track the issue.
by the way issue resolved.
in elegant-responsive/js/ in qa-theme-script.js file find

(".qa-logo-link, h1, h2 span#a_list_title")

and replace with

("h1, h2 span#a_list_title")

I am still sugessting you to post this issue on the above support forums so other user already purchase can use in case if they have the same issue.

I am updating resolved version on the store you can login to your account and download new resolved version from there after few hours.

Thanks to noticing me the issue.
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congratulation, it is a beautifull theme; yet it is not the first elegant responsive theme. I think first one I made was stylish theme.

and apologies if this is not the first. In fact doesn't matter. Matter is the community. by the way thanks to notifying me.
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i purchased this te,mplate and download it. cant add. what format it was?
When you download its usually zip file format and that you need to extract and place directory into qa-theme folder.
it was not in zip format.
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Today I have purchased the theme, it is beautifull. I already started to get positive feedbacks, thank you.

I want to report an issue, which I am sure is very easy for you to fix. The theme does not look very good with galaxy note II, huge spaces appear between questions.

Best Regards,

I will fix it. Can you please post this issue here too  http://store.q2amarket.com/store/products/107/ so we can track it in better way.
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hi, looks amazing theme .

can you add RTL support ?

which ie versions does it support ?

Thanks for appreciation..
Next version of Elegant Responsive theme will have RTL support and schedule for next version has been defined to end of May, 2013 but will try to release sooner..
thanks :)
how about this "which ie versions does it support ?"
Tested on IE8+