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Now it is very easy to add your facebook like box  for your page in Question2Answer website with my new powerfull plugin . 

Very easy to install and costumize it according to your need . Full controle from the admin panel . 

NEW - It displays a modal when a new user visits the website .

Giving it for free for my dear users . 

You can grab it here - https://github.com/amiyasahu/q2a-facebook-like-box

Please raise a bug report if you find any bugs 

Screenshots - 

Modal Screenshot - 

Admin Panel screen shot - 


Hope it will help . 

Q2A version: 1.6
Yes . Go to the option under Facebook likebox options - "Lifetime of the cookie (in days)" . set the value as 1 . It will show the popup once a day only .
And make sure you uncheck the "Display popup on every page load" option .
Thanks a lot amiya... Now its working as I wanted it to be...
You are welcome @Gurjyot
Hi Ami,
Can you please help me with my issue? I want that the plugin displays the whole number of likes instead of 1K, 2K, etc. Here is my thread: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/57352/facebook-like-box-stuck-at-1k-likes

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Thank you very much for giving this wonderful plugin for free. I really like that pop up window. 

And here I want to thank you for the quick and friendly support  that you gave me while installation.

I wish you all the success.


You are most welcome @rgd  .
I would like to Thank you for your feedback and I am glad that my plugin is useful for you .
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It's good that you have made a Facebook like box plugin and have given all the adjustments in the admins panel only. But this can be done from administration panel before as well... But if you could introduce something like that we could have Facebook like box to be shown as a popup when someone visits our website then it could served as honey on pancakes.
Still its a nice plugin.
yes , you can place it anywhere you want from the Layout Admin Panel .
Facebook like box to be shown as a popup - I am working on this . Will be released soon .
Hi Gurjyot , Popup facebook like has been added . Please check .
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Nice plug in and easy to control too
Thank you @Sachidananda for your review .
I did it by using the HTML in LAYOUT
and CSS in  qa-style.css
In general it's great plugin.... ^_^
If you are a programmer then it is not a big deal to add such features to your website . This plugin is made to help people who are not much familier with coding websites . So that they can add and configure it according to their needs .
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Hi @amiyasahu .. Thanks a lot for giving such a nice plugin for free . It works fine on my site .  I liked the Modal that comes when a new user visits . And also lots of options are there to configure .

I would like to suggest one thing . Can you please add default options to the plugin so that it need not to be configured each time. When a new users installs , the defaults should work .  That would be much better .
Hi @Roberta . I am glad that this is helpful to you . I have added the default options in my last commit . Please download the latest version from github , the default options are included there . Thank you for your review .
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Its really a useful plugin for me, thanks a lot @amiyasahu. I waited a lot some feature like the popup which is in this plugin of yours. And how many times the popup will take place in a day is also customisable that is just too awesome. On the whole this plugin is a great hit for me.
Thank you for your bug reports and reviews . It helps us to go ahead . I appriciate your effort . I am glad that it is usefull .
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Plugin has been updated and few bugs fixed .

Please use the latest version for maximum benifits .  

Download Link - https://github.com/amiyasahu/q2a-facebook-like-box/archive/1.2.zip


@Amiya : not displaying in my snow theme. Please fix
What is not working . First you have to set all the required options . then You should add the widget from the Admin -> Layout . Then it should work .

If it still does not works feel free to contact me .

Thanks for using the plugin
Yes @Amiyasahu
I filled all the required fields in Facebook like form on plugins
after that I added the layout as side-panel last for Facebook like widget and now showing under active widgets
but no luck

what to do still no changes affected to my site's side-panel

help me please