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I've followed the upgrading process to the letter i.e:

1.  Downloaded 'optimised' v4.4.5 and replaced existing

2. 'upload' build-config.js  (to replace existing file of same name)

The new wysiwyg-editor>ckeditor Does not even show in admin>plugins Until I add the following three files from a saved original 1.7 dev version?

qa-plugin-php + qa-wysiwyg-editor.php + qa-wysiwyg-upload.php However, whilst that allows me to see then set>save

Maximum size of uploads:    MB (max 2.0)

It does not allow the new variant of the editor to work when selected in admin>posting with 'save' on selecting.

It seems that the 'default' qa-wysiwyg-editor file from above, is a preconfigured version and I can't find a work around? Can anyone tell me how to resolve this problem please?

Q2A version: 1.7 alpha
It seems I should configure config.js from inside ckeditor but qa-wysiwyg-editor.php prevents it being called and I can do nothing, without that and the other two files in place?
If your changes to the config.js are not applied, this line is the reason :
You could comment it

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At your above "step 1" you should have replaced the folder :


and not this one :


Did you replace the correct folder ?

Yes, i.e. I didn't delete qa-plugin\wysiwyg-editor. Only 'ckeditor' from within it. Although frustratingly, I have deleted the whole thing sequentially hoping that might sort it out. But instead, the 3 files in bold above are missing and WYSIWYG Editor doesn't then show in admin\plugins?
Which are the 3 files in bold ? qa-wysiwyg-editor.php, qa-wysiwyg-upload.php and which one ?
However these are 3 files contained in this folder :
(and not in the ckeditor folder).
If you have removed *only* the ckeditor folder those files should still be there .. :-)
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qa-plugin.php is the other and with a clean install. They are still there with only ckeditor deleted as you say.

There's actually a 4th too, if you count CUSTOMIZE.md.
If I just replace the ckeditor folder with the ckeditor folder contained in this zip (CKEditor 4.4.5 standard pacj)
everything is working.
Which issue do you see ?
I see you are writing about customizing config.js or uploading build-config.js.
The issue you see is in a default installation (I think that's working) or in some additional configurations you are trying to apply on top of a default installation ?
I'm using the same issue but as _full.zip

I am trying to upgrade the 'default' (which does indeed, work fine. But it's too limited,)
I've just installed the _full.zip too, replacing the default ckeditor folder with the ckeditor folder contained in the zip.
Everything is working and I can see it in the Admin panel.
Does it work for you the default installation or not ?
If not, what is **exactly** the issue that you see and you are trying to solve ?
The default does work for me but when I replace the ckeditor with the new unzipped full build, it doesn't work... No editor appears on ask a question, unless I select the 'markdown' or 'basic' editors for posting.
clear *completely* your browser cache and try again