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I have made the final touches for the verified users plugin and a usergroup plugin. 

Verified Users Plugin v1.0

This plugin will display a green tick next to a verified users name. There are no settings via the admin panel for this plugin. To verify a user just simply go on there profile and press edit, then go to the verified field and change it from "0" to "1". And to remove a verified user change back to "0".

Usergroup Colours v1.0

This plugin will allow you to change the colour of a certain usergroup. For example if you change the admin group to red, all admins username will be displayed as red on posts and on their profile.

To edit usergroup colours go to settings > plugins and find Usergroup colours and press options, then change the colour of each usergroup, HTML is accepted if you want to make bold etc..


This screenshot shows both verified and usergroup colour.



Verified User: Download Here

Usergroup Colours: Download Here

Extract zip folder into qa-plugins then go into admin > plugins > 

the download links seems to be broken. Can you check please
Download Links Seems Broken Please check

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Download Links not works.
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Download link not works! Please good links!
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Hello! Your link not working - please help us :-)

maybe someone got this plugin and can share link with us? :)
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Your link not working  please help us

maybe someone got this plugin and can share link with us?
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someone help this plugin is very nice but the link is broken.