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Hi, I'm currently making some plugins which are listed as follows:

1. AdChat - Displays an AJAX chat window for logged in users and adsense for logged out ones. Works in sidebar only and AJAX chat is a very stable chat and works well with lots of customization though is a bit bulky. It is not as clean as some of the JS chats on websites, but this is the best free chat option which I could find that can be hosted on our server.

2. Site-wide notifications - Allows a text area for admins/moderators to send out a message and this gets displayed as a notice to all users of the site - notice comes as that of the new badge one.

3. Previous - Next button is an already existing plugin for Q2A. Extending this to show Prev-Next button for same category.

4. Subject Experts - A widget in category page that lists the best performers for that Category. More options to follow.

5. Answer Hide option - Adds a user filed which allows users to hide all answers by default and only when they click "Show" answer is shown.

6. Better email - Needs suggestion here. I haven't really used the email feature of Q2A much. I would like to email subject experts if a question is posted and no answer for say 1 week. Also, reply via email to be implemented at last stage.
Q2A version: 1.7.4
I'm looking forward to the launch of Site-wide notifications and Subject Experts!
Congratulations for being developing these plugins. They are great features for Q2A.
Subject Experts must be calculated for the largest number of best answers the user received. You must also have the best answers the user already has before installing the plugin.
I liked all the plugin ideas you wrote. Just a suggestion, can you extend 2nd idea of notification plugin to show a permanent notification just below navigation which only admins can change? This kind of feature is helpful for showing daily quotes or some promotional message or an affiliate link. Would like to know your view on this.
@Jonatan Sure. Expect them to be made by early next month as they both needs to be made from scratch. Selecting best answers would be easy, I plan to give bit more options there like giving weightage to the no. of votes per question. Will have to see this after testing.

@Gurjyot Don't want to mix them. But I plan to make one for daily quotes as well :)
I use Blueimp's powerful chat on Q2A - is that what you mean when you say: AJAX chat?
Yes. That's it.
See some of my powerful mods in action http://www.leofec.com/chat/
That looks pretty cool. Is it opensource? Then I could use it int he plugin though here it works mainly in the shoutbox mode. There can be a chat page as well, but on my site I fount the chat page of less utility.
Great... looking forward to seeing them all!
arjunsuresh, thanks for the plugins.

Simple Notice Plugin - Is it possible to use the plugin to send a notification to only one user?
It would be interesting to warn users about rule violations.

Subject Experts - You still want to make the plugin available?

Thanks for the plugins...
@arjunsuresh, nice list of plugins.

Better email - may be you can develop newsletter plugin, admin should be able to send update to everyone when required or can send list of good/interesting question to all users.

Subject Experts - may be you can extend this plugin to give special rank/designation to users. other than point based ranking.
Thank you.

Notice to Individual Users - yes, I'll add this.

Subject Experts - Actually is a bit tricky. I'm not able to get a good way to implement this yet :(

Better Email - Yes, I'll do that. But planning a better subscription page for users first.

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Realy cool ! Waiting for this ! :)
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Excellent, looking forward to the Subject Experts plugin especially