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If you would like to replace the custom Q2A search with Google Custom Search just use this plugin:


Google Custom Search Options are shown here:

You are making some of the nicest plugins... great work @arjunsuresh... :)
Thanks :) But I have not made any yet. Most of these plugins are/were being used in Q2A though not properly maintained. I just started with collecting them and organizing so I'll learn more about Q2A and can then make some nice plugins..
Well that shows the kind of person you are and Q2A is surely lucky to have a member like you...
And I can't wait to see what more you are gonna build... :D
I had already given the list of the ones I'm planning. My Q2A site is for education purpose and I would like Q2A being used more in educational places. I'm currently trying to find a good way for MathJax to be integrated in Q2A.  Once plugins are done I'll try improving the Android App for Q2A - its surprising that no good app exist so far..
Yes I saw your list and I think many more developers will be joining you to improve Q2A... :)
@arjusuresh, nice plugin! I was thinking to write this one but good you came up earlier :) I will work on some other plugin.
Does anyone know if the plugin can be configured to use a local indexer instead of Google's public one?  From what I understand, the current plugin requires access to the cloud where the actual search engine/indexer does the work, and the search results (or 'shards') are stored.  This is a problem for companies who want to run a q2a site locally that has company IP they don't want getting out and sitting on a public indexer.  Thx

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