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Here is another plugin from my side. But before that, a huge thanks to @pupi1985 (Gabriel) who helped me in this. I hope you guys will like it. Do leave your feedback in the end. 



This is a plugin for Question2Answer to show a welcome widget (sort of like a banner and with navigation).


  • Shows a top banner
  • Shows some features of your website
  • Buttons to let visitors to visit different pages of website
  • Sub-navigation of 'Questions' page so that users can interact more with Q2A website
  • In mobile the top widget is hidden
  • In mobile the navigation is shows so that users can still visit various sections of website


  1. Copy the plugin directory into the qa-plugin directory.
  2. Visit layout section and add Welcome Widget to your homepage.


It is probably okay for production environments, but may not work exactly as expected. Refunds will not be given. If it breaks, you get to keep both parts.


All code herein is Copylefted.


Q2A Version: 1.8 Beta-1, 1.7
Theme: SnowFlat, SnowLight


I hope you like it @pupi1985 :)
@Gurjyot Singh, nice plugin!
I have added it to my website. Thanks for the plugin. However, I have a request. How can I remove this links?

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I would have been best if I could replace this section with different social share buttons. Awaiting quickest response.
you could do better by answering the question so that you raise attention to it.
Hi I can help you on this please see my site for example ask.banglahub.com.bd
Hello @Yogendra Basnet,

Sorry I am replying so late, just came back on Q2A. To edit those links visit qa-welcome-widget.php file and from line 39 to 43 are the links. You can change the links there and then visit qa-welcome-widget-lang-default.php, there you can change the corresponding links name.
Awesome! Thank you so much.
You are most welcome... :)

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Find CSS issue. Please solve it. Demo site http://ask.banglahub.com.bd/questions

Ohh I actually fix it by myself. If anyone need help I can help you setting up this.
Hello @Abu Hasnat Md Ruhu,

I just came back to Q2A and saw your answer. Could you tell me what caused the issue and how you fixed it. As I am using the same plugin without any mods and its working just fine on my website.
If your server is using mod security firewall then the CSS will be broken. Actually a false positive by the  OWASP mod security core rules. An exception rule may help or use another firewall.
how i can get the Facebook Like page plugin that used in your website?