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I have tried every possible best to insert my GA code to my Q2A script. But whenever i add to my site and click on save, it will redirect me to my normal user page with an error message "page not found".

I have downloaded the Q2A GA code plugin and install it to my plugin folder and copy my analytics code to the box provided by the plugin still not working. I have inster it to my custom html head in layout page, still not working.

Please where can i insert it. Please i need an answer that will solve my problem.

Thanks for your support.
Q2A version: The latest version
i am getting error when i paste my google ananlytics code in footer and header

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I think you asked this question before also. You dont need GA plugin for this. just paste google analytics code in footer section and it should work.

admin-> Layout->Custom HTML at bottom of every page:

There are many plugins which are not verified can break your site. If you want to see verified plugins then check http://demo.question2answer.info

What are plugins you are using on your q2a site?
Hello , I have same problem. And no option about Custom HTML at BOTTOM of every page. Only at TOP and HEAD . I missed something when I updated script to latest version? Or maybe it's an issue beacuse I haven't installed 1.8 yet ?

Here what I have in admin panel:

I need to change placement of this script to place in FOOTER, not in HEADER for work correct ?
@Piotr Baranowski, looks like some plugin messed up option to place custom html in footer section. Can you disable plugins one by one and see which one is causing issue.

There are still open issues with Github v1.8, I'm still testing so dont use on production site.

> I need to change placement of this script to place in FOOTER, not in HEADER for work correct ?
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Please bro there is no option of custom html for bottom in my layout option.

Please help me out. where else can i add the code to start functioning in my site?

@ ntchub, can you disable all plugin and check again.