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I have a wordpress blog with database now i want only the data base of the wordpress site to be uploaded in q2a and use it.
Q2A version: 1.7.4

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This plugin separates Wordpress and Q2A installations. I've never used so you'd better test it first in a localhost installation.


This script breaks Q2A-WP integration by creating Q2A's User related database tables which were not created because of integration and importing all WP users to Q2A tables.

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I recommend not to mix wordpress and q2a db but it is upto you.
Do you mean, it's good to create a seperate database for WP and Q2A?
How about sharing WP Database using seperate table for Q2A and WP.
Yes, create separate db. When you mix two sites then wordpress tables will be stored with prefix wp_ and q2a will be with qa_ (default setting).

If you mix these two and your both sites gets good amount of traffic then it will slow down sites because you are accessing same db for both sites.
Can users still login with both wp and q2a using same username and password if I use seperate database.
Yes, possible. Just point user db to wordpress table in q2a setting.

I never tried wordpress and q2a solution but it should work.
Can u please say exactly how? I got stuck here.
@Yogendra Basnet, just sent PM to you