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Hello friends,

Working on an a widget system for q2a. No core overriding, and it works 100% with all q2a widgets. This widget system is coming in our next theme release (may be 1st March)
Here are some features:

  1. Easy and user friendly, just drag and drop.
  2. Easily add widget to any position by dragging.
  3. Select in which page widget will visible
  4. Set option for each widget individually
  5. Create as many as widget position you want.
  6. No need to use q2a default widget position.

Here are some sscreenshot:

Widget and widget positions

Drag widget to position

Set widget location and toggle title

Set option for each widget

Q2A version: latest
Nice that you brought the "textual" description for widget positions into a visual context. Much more userfriendly, great job! Kai
Thanks Kai :-)
Great work...Thanks...
any eta for demo? great work, thanks.

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I'm working with Rahul on this theme and  I can say that Rahul did a great job on this theme's Widget section. thanks to widgets and extended theme option, this theme is The Most customizable and easy to use Q2A Theme that is created so far.

I can't wait to to see this theme in action on your Q&A site.
Thanks man :-)