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Hello all,

I downloaded Dude theme but i cannot access RA Theme options, shows empty page.

PHP Notice:  Undefined index: label in /var/customers/webs/qa/qa-theme/dude/admin/nav.php on line 15
Q2A version: 1.7.1

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The developer of Dude theme has left Q2A. So maybe it won't get any fixes or updates from now on.

Secondly, that theme was only supported till Q2A 1.6.3 so using it on a higher Q2A version will only bring warnings and errors.

I would suggest either you use it on Q2A 1.6.3 or use another theme which is actually compatible to Q2A 1.7.1
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Th dude theme is opensource now and available here - https://github.com/rahularyan/dude-theme

Open a issue in the repositary to bring it to the notice to the developer . He might help or provide some guidelines on this .