Welcome to the Question2Answer Q&A. There's also a demo if you just want to try it out.
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This theme has been discontinued! 
Check out these other themes: POLARISAvenFrapuchinoLegacy.

Meet Muffin!

Muffin is a carefully thought Material Design theme for the open source Question2Answer platform.

Every step of its development was carefully thought and perfected to improve the feels and needs for a better user experience.

The theme is compatible with version 1.7.5 and is also ready for the most recent version 1.8.0-beta1 that just got out. No need to worry about Notifications and Badges plugins as well, as these were covered and styled on the actual theme to be Material Design ready.

Everything you could wish for a website, Muffin has it!

  • Fast
  • Elegant
  • User Friendly
  • Mobile Ready
  • Live text preview for questions/answers
  • and more.

See link below for more information, video, gifs and live demo.
(Demo is running on version 1.8.0-Beta1)

Muffin page: Muffin Theme info

Demo user: Taylor
Password: 12345678

On discount for the first 30 days (till October 6, 2017)

Q2A version: v1.8.0-Beta1
closed with the note: This theme has been discontinued!
I seriously liked the theme. Nice effort :)
Thank you very much @GurjyotSingh :)
Paid theme Muffin, how to download the theme after payment?

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Very nice theme, I liked! I did basic testing and found that badges are still show in black color on mobile view(on samsung s7). On screenfly it show correct on iphone. Suggest you to test your theme for mobile and tablets.

Thank you for the feedback :) I will check that out.
@gold.developer, I feel you should redesign user page. Look into stackoverflow or quora user page for ideas.

May be you can look into below two upcoming platforms theme for other design ideas. They are getting very popular.

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I found one issue, see below image, icons are mixed up for question and answer comments.

Hey there @ProThoughts :) Thanks for your feedback. Yesterday when I saw that thread I realized there was an issue regarding with the width of both questions and answers elements, they were not the full width of its parent, so I fixed it. But I did not implemented a query string to the .css file to force the cache update.

Can you please do a Ctrl+F5 refresh to see if this problem still persists? If yes, can you tell in what browser is this happening. Thank you
This issue is seen on Mac Firefox, on Safari and Chrome it looks fine.
This issue has been reviewed and should now be fixed. Thanks for your report.
This one is working fine now.
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One more issue, may be you should test theme on firefox browser.

When clicked on ask a question in Mac Firefox. It is not showing Ask a Question text

On chrome, it looks fine

also left menu bar flickers whenever clicked. Is it possible to make it fixed. like google news ?


This issue has been reviewed and should now be fixed. Thank you for your report.
I still see...