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Has anyone managed to get this to work?

If you have any chance you could detail out how you modified qa_external_users to use the Drupal password tables?
Q2A version: 1.5
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Why would anyone want to have this integrated with vBulletin?
Hmmm ... does really answer the question does it!  

But to answer your non-question-answer with an answer - I work on a large open source software e-commerce platform and we have an active forum, a content management system, a wiki, google code base svn and we were hoping to have a Q2A site (since it looks so nice and works so well) - however, we do not want another whole set of logins/passwords for our users.

Some things are best answered in question/answer formats other in threads on a board ... furthermore if we did want to migrate from forum style help to q2a it is not really an option with 1000's of users ...

So if anyone else could help - that would be great ...

I can't believe I am the only one asking about vBulletin/Drupal integration ... and yes I have seen the login plugin section ... I am just asking that if someone else has done it already I do not want to repeat the exercise!

Thanks again ...
Hmmm... how to answer this response and the obvious negative vote on my simple question to yours. I'm sure this is the result of reading "How to Win Friends and Influence People."

There are many developers here and some of us operate the exact same place as you do. vBulletin is probably the most painful software of all to integrate with anything.

My point about integration is that I and others would have absolutely no incentive to even consider this task unless there was good reason. So unless you provide a good reason, nobody will answer you in the affirmative the way I've seen nobody answer when this question was asked once before. I hope that explains things a little better and you won't have to repeat your exercise either.
"vBulletin is probably the most painful software of all to integrate with anything" - agreed!

But it does compliment Q2A quite well ... the trouble is that we have already got vBulletin with 1000s of users ... and we can't simply turn it off and hope they sign up again. (Nor do we want to turn it off.)

I was hoping that some other poor soul had done the tricky integration already so I didn't have to.

I have removed my negative vote for not answering the question I asked as it obviously offended ... (although I thought the whole point of Q&A system is to answer questions or ask more questions using comments and to vote accordingly)

I am not asking you to write it for me - as a open-source programmer I know full well that expecting to get something for nothing is a long shot but I though I might try it! I am just asking if anyone has done it before and wouldn't mind sharing.

If the answer is no, then we will have a crack and post back if we get it working.
I answered because I too run a large vBulletin site which probably would have been better served by QA. They are related but different and, IMHO, while my site may be better suited for QA, does it really make sense to cannibalize my own content repository by creating yet another one?

If you could convince me of a reason to do it, I might. But at this point I think they will steal traffic from each other and be more of a hassle than it's worth.

Drupal, on the other hand, is a completely different matter. QA is not a CMS substitute for articles, wikis, etc. There is built in Wordpress integration which is a great piece of software but very different.

To answer your question more fully, I did a search around here and the answer to vBulletin integration is a solid no and some others said that it isn't happening. I wasn't offended by the negative mark, moreso just that you wanted yes/no and seemed a bit dismissive. Not offended, sometimes much gets lost in translation of QA... or QA being used in a message board forum style. ;)
I take your point on the cannibalization of content but I (and I assume every other vBulletin user) finds that no one searches before posting!  

Pages and pages of threads/posts with the answer buried in the middle somewhere - we have all seen it!

That is the huge advantage of Q2A style sites - it prompts the similar questions/answers prior to user posting.

I suppose the "reason" is to gently migrate to Q&A from vBulletin without rocking the boat too much.

I have had a bit of a google round the alternatives to Q2A (none of which seem as finished/active/supported) for other ideas ... Coordino has quite a neat solution using a Remote Login URL and hash.

I agree that most users not only post questions without searching for existing questions, they post in the wrong forum!!!
We recently began integrating Q2A with vbulletin at http://www.noblood.org/answers. Still much to do, but overall, it is already taking off!
Your site shows exactly what we would like to achieve! Would you be willing to share your code back with the community?

I would be happy to discuss sharing. Can you Skype me? ID is larryeitel. Thank you :)
Sorry I do not have Skype ... Perhaps you could email me.  Gilesmarshall2004@hotmail.com
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Hi can you share the detailed code here.. It will surely help others too...

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Check here

i wrote the tuturial for integrating the script with vbulletin in less than 5 minutes ;)

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I remember working on Drupal a long time ago so I just digged it's code out, here it is:


I think I worked on vBulletin too, but couldn't find it's code.